SKL is the new face of Kabaddi. 

Kabaddi has seen a monumental evolution. It possesses brimming potential – from dusty rural fields to the international arena, spanning six continents, the sport has won hearts across the globe. There are more than 40 Kabaddi playing nations today.

No one would have believed that the sport could join the ranks of professional sports. But it defied those odds. Now, it has also expanded to all corners of the world and one can only hope that this is just the beginning.

Effectively, Pakistan has lapsed into being a one-sport nation. Cricket is worshipped and so are cricketers. Gone are the days when Pakistan ruled the world of sport. The acoolades Pakistan earned in Hockey and Squash now appear to be a misty dreams. Kabaddi, though, kept Pakistan towards the top of the medal table at all levels. And yet the sport is mostly seen as a traditional sport, mostly relegated to rural Pakistan.

SKL is an effort to change the status quo. With introduction of the League, we wish to highlight the sport that has kept the country on the medal tables. It is an important milestone in laying the foundations of a multi-sport culture in the country. Through SKL, we highlight the heroes and bring them to the forefront where the masses at large can appreciate not just the athletes, but also this amazing sport. With professional sporting events such as SKL, Kabaddi is all set to rule the world!