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What is Super Kabaddi League (SKL)?

Super Kabaddi League (SKL) is Pakistan’s first international Kabaddi League in which top Pakistani and foreign talent shall compete for honors. It shall comprise of teams named after Pakistani cities/ regions/ geographies/ culture & heritage. The format is spread over ten (10) years’ plus wherein each year a ‘season’ shall take place.

Who owns SKL, and is it endorsed/ approved by Government?

SKL is owned by Strawberry Sports Management, Pakistan’s first professionally run sports management company with offices in Pakistan and abroad. Development and promotion of Kabaddi in Pakistan is handled officially by Pakistan Kabaddi Federation that is the only national body recognized by Pakistan Olympic Association for Kabaddi. Pakistan Federation is the ‘Exclusive Technical Collaborator’ for SKL for ten (10) years’ plus. Thus, SKL has officially partnered with Pakistan’s only officially recognized body for Kabaddi, and that too exclusively.

How can one participate in SKL?

One can participate in one or more of the following capacity:

Audience/ Fan


Team Owner



As audience/ fan, how can I engage pre-event, during and post event?

SKL has got social media presence (listed below) that can be accessed during all of the stages.





Additionally, you can attend the SKL seasons by being at the venue for any or all of the ceremonies and matches.

Tickets shall be open a few days in advance. Kindly follow social media pages of SKL for more details on the plans.

What would be the scale of SKL Season 01?

SKL Season 01 shall be an international sports epic that shall be a matter of pride for the entire nation. Foreign players from several countries shall participate. Key information about SKL Season 01 follows:

Venue: Lahore

Dates: 1st May 2018 – 10th May 2018 (both inclusive)

Timing: 7pm PST onwards

No. of League Matches (Men): 30 plus

Women Kabaddi: 02 Challenge Matches

LIVE TV Coverage: PTV Sports

LIVE Streaming: Yes. Nationally and Globally

Print Media Coverage: All media groups

Technical Collaborator: Pakistan Kabaddi Federation

Is Kabaddi an international sport?

Yes. Asian Style Kabaddi (the one played on mat) is recognized globally. 40 plus countries have national teams of Kabaddi. It features at Asian Games (since 1990), and is headed towards Olympics.

Team Ownership

How long does a Kabaddi match last?

Match is spread over two halves of 20 minutes each, so 40 minutes in total. There is a break of 10 minutes, and strategic time outs during each of the halves that can last up to 03 minutes.

What is the mode of payment for Team Owner?

The Team Owner gets ownership rights for 10 years. In lieu of that, he makes payment for the first year while secures the payments for the rest of the years through bank guarantees. Payment comprises of two components: Annual Franchise Fee and Annual Players’ Fee & Allied Expenses (like travelling, boarding, lodging, uniform/ formal clothing, security, etc).

Is Team Ownership transferable?

Yes. There is a minimum lock in period of 2 seasons for the Team Owners, after which transfer of ownership can take place.

Which revenue sources Team Owners enjoy?

Commercial Logos on shirts of their players, Prize Money, PR/ Marketing Events, Team Merchandize Sales, Capital Appreciation of Investment, Theme Based Commercial Ventures around the Brand

How are the Team Owners going to pick their players?

Through Players’ Draft. Each team shall have 10 players plus a coach. Players shall be divided into two categories. Each category shall have a price tag. Based upon pre-defined Draft Rules (that Team Owners shall receive prior to the Draft), Team Owners shall have their picks during the various rounds of the Draft. Each and every team shall be identical to each other in terms of the relative ratio of all the three categories of players.

Can the team owners handle the Players’ Fee & Allied Expenses on their own?

No. This is to ensure centralized arrangements that have uniformity and adherence to security considerations.

Will there be sizeable Prize Money?

Yes. Sizeable prize money for the winner and runners up.

Will Team Owners find their own sponsors?



What are the ATL opportunities for SKL?

Kabaddi is a high intensity game with great retention and stickiness owing to the speed, thrill and relatively shorter length of the game. There are pre meditated breaks, time outs and third umpire referrals, thus providing ample opportunities for TVC insertions. PTV Sports is the LIVE broadcast business collaborator for SKL Season 01 that has got the top most rating in Pakistan for a sports channel on both cable and terrestrial networks. Tickers and promo insertions even during the match are available.

SKL shall take the form of cultural festivity with grand opening ceremony and highly anticipated challenge matches of Women Kabaddi that provide further ATL opportunities during their LIVE broadcast.

There are great opportunities for Radio, Print and Digital engagement as well for sponsors.

What are the plans of SKL brand in between two successive seasons?

SKL is a brand that shall stay alive and thriving during two successive seasons. City based activations on the lines of cultural and sports festivity shall take SKL to different parts of Pakistan every quarter in a caravan style. This shall provide sponsors with progressive brand recognition, fan/ customer loyalty and enhanced positive image for the ‘first movers’.



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