October 14, 2019
SKL: Changing Pakistan’s Sports Landscape

SKL is the new face of Kabaddi.  Kabaddi has seen a monumental evolution. It possesses brimming potential – from dusty rural fields to the international arena, spanning six continents, the sport has won hearts across the globe. There are more than 40 Kabaddi playing nations today. No one would have believed that the sport could…

women's kabaddi
April 29, 2019
Women’s Kabaddi in Pakistan: Breaking Stereotypes One Raid at a Time
There remain few sports, which are considered the domain of men only. In Pakistan, Kabaddi is one such sport. It is a spectacular sport. Players must possess speed, agility and strength. Not only is Kabaddi a full contact sport, but it is also a game of strategy. The skill and training for the sport are...
Kabaddi Match
March 15, 2019
Kabaddi: Sport of the Masses

The scene before you is that from a movie: one man against seven opponents, no weapons of any kind. It will be very interesting to watch. But this is no movie. This is a typical example of a Kabaddi Raid.  Kabaddi is a game that’s much like a gladiator sport, pitting one man against several…