Super Kabaddi League

Super Kabaddi League (SKL) is a franchise based format, with teams named after various cities of the country. This will be the first League to be played entirely on Pakistan’s soil. SKL promises to grow into one of the leading brands in Pakistan, where top Kabaddi talent from Pakistan and abroad comes together to present a spectacle of epic proportions.

Unfortunately, in the last two decades, Pakistan has become a one-sport nation. SKL is the first step towards developing a multi-sport culture in Pakistan. Hopefully, in the near future, Pakistan will take its place in the sporting nations of the world.

SKL is a brave new effort to re-package the age old sport of Kabaddi to reflect the modern times. Eight teams will battle for the title of Champions of Season 1. More than a hundred players from Pakistan and abroad will feature in the League. There will be several countries represented in the first season. In addition to Pakistan, these include Sri Lanka, Iraq, Malaysia, Japan, Bangladesh, Iran and Kenya.
SKL holds the promise of bringing the best in sporting entertainment to Pakistan’s masses. There will be 30 plus matches with intense action and excitement. On each of the days, there will be 3 matches. Each match will span roughly an hour.

Like any professional sporting event, SKL brings with it a host of economic opportunities. These opportunities are wide ranging and are not limited just to athletes. New areas of business and employment such as sports medicine, sports marketing and sports media will pop up. The benefits don’t just end there, local vendors would also thrive with the introduction of the league system in sport.